About Vanessa

Hi everyone! My name is Vanessa Reynoso and I left the reality world, officially, in August of 2015 to make my dreams my own reality. My site is intently designed for me to share my travel adventures, tips, and ideas with you. Primarily though, what I want to do is inspire others to follow their dreams! I want to give you hope and courage and show you that ANYONE can do ANYTHING, as long as you want it enough. You simply have to want it and be brave enough to go after it!

-Voyaging Vanessa


Favorite COUNTRY

Currently Finland!

Favorite dish

Currently... Smørrebrød!

UpCOMING Trip Coordinates

27.6648° N, 81.5158° W

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” –Ibn Battuta