A solo beginner, in Lyon

Have you heard of the app called Time hop?

It connects with your Facebook account, for example, and once a week or so, will send you back in time through your old photos. I enjoy it because it reminds me of happy memories, which are usually the only ones I share on Facebook. Today's Time hop was 20 pictures of my third day in Lyon, 3 years ago. I couldn't remember that though, I knew it was France but I couldn't remember the city, so I turned to my journal for the answer. I've had a journal since my first solo trip abroad and ever since, try to document as much of my memories as possible. For two reasons really, one, so I can relive that moment, detail by detail. And two, because I have a horrendous memory.

Thanks to my trusty journal I discovered that I was in fact in Lyon. Below is my journal entry of my first few days traveling solo. I had such a range of emotions; I'm glad I haven't forgotten the beauty of discovering something new.

22:18 hrs

I sit here at the hotel patio. While I write and sip some wine I realize, my hotel is FULL of old people- it's time to leave.

Today I walked 1/2 of Lyon! Crossing through St. Paul, St. Jean, and St. George. I visited the St. Jean Cathedral, Notre Dame Basilique Fourveir, Bellecour Square, St. George Parc (had a pottery fair going on- lots of great work!), and watched a huge (over 200 people!!) parade through Vieux Lyon.

My feet are exhausted. I spent a lot of my time walking in circles and getting lost, but it's ok. The only thing that truly bothered me was the loneliness. Having no one to talk too; it sucked. 

I heard people speaking english a few times, which was nice, and spanish too.

The dining hours were confusing. Restaurants close between lunch and dinner, leaving only the bar to satisfy your hunger. I paid 2,80 Euro for water while I dreamt of a true bouchon Lyonnaise dining experience.

After a bit, I walked back up Rue St. Jean and dined at Le Petit Glouton. Saving my bouchon encounter for another day, I ordered Le Salade Gaby with a Jambon et fromage crepe. Typical Lyonnaise salads are gleefully covered in dijon dressing. Didn't you know? Lyon is quite close to Dijon, France; guess what they make there? Dijon mustard! You're so smart;) 

After my tasty meal I noticed they overcharged me, so I said something and the waiter fixed it! Heck Ya! Hustlin' in french.

I tried to go into a bar, like I had been wanting to, and noticed a few foreigners like me that I had seen throughout the day. They were all boys though; I was too scared to join them. Same thing happened in the next few bars. I was too intimidated to go and sit at a bar alone. I passed 3 bars, 2 of which were known to be expat hang outs, so language barriers would have been non-existent.

It's ok.

It's hard because I'm very lonely, but it's ok because it will get better. Tomorrow I will check into a hostel and hopefully meet more people. I'll tour the second 1/2 of Lyon and see how my spirits are after. 

People watching was in full effect today. The French men are more good-looking than the women, and most have dark hair with blue or green eyes. Everyone is thing or thinner than what I find to be average. The women seemed dressed to impress. They are polished and have hair and make-up done. Also, all the women have small boobies :)

I need to practice my french more. People here are very helpful and friendly; I have to remember to tell Llily that. 

The metro was easy :)

Feniculars (cable cars) were hot without A/C, but very neat! It was pretty hot today, but the cool breezes made it comfortable.

I'm feeling more optimistic now after writing this; or perhaps it's the wine?! Je ne c'est pas!

Bon Soir, A demain!



Cathedral St. Jean Baptiste

Side entrance

Paintings inside St Jean Baptiste Cathedral


Stained glass..light shining through.. beautiful

Paintings inside St Jean Baptiste Cathedral

St George Parc

140 pottery makers at St George Parc

Artist with his work

Local art