21 days till the end of my 20s

My 30th birthday is around the corner. Before arriving to this year of life, I anticipated feelings of regret and resentment for not achieving all my goals.

For not starting to travel sooner, for not living abroad for a year, for not going on the round-the-world adventure that I've had on my mind for the last 10 years. 

But here I am, at 29, and I could not be more excited for all my plans. Plans to continue traveling, to live abroad, to explore more, to grow my blog into a full-time business; I. Can't. Wait.

I stopped beating myself down and realized that life doesn't happen when you want it to or expect it to, it happens when you make it happen. I started later in life (27 yrs young) and I know now more than ever that this is the life for me.

A digital nomad, a wanderer of continents, making money online and spending it on the memories instead of the things. I am smiling as I write this. One of the greatest love stories is the one you write yourself, for yourself. I'm in love with my life and the life I'm paving, because it's revolved around my goals, my outrageous dreams, my wants.

Are you doing what you want? Do you think you're too old? Or too invested in your current career? Well, wake up. Life is short, unnervingly short, and no one wants to have regrets on their deathbed.

Yesterday my best friend sent me a message saying this:


I love you

and believe in you

you can be whatever you want!!!

our talks made a huge different in my outlook of life."

Her message was the perfect reminder for me. When you have an off day, or doubt yourself, don't stop! Keep going! Who knows who else you could inspire by embracing your life's purpose. And how that inspiration can aspire you to do better, be better. So I say the same to you. You can be whatever you want to be and it is NEVER too late to start, so why not now? Don't doubt your ideas, no matter how wild they seem!

I'm planning another trip this week for the 30th bday. As I opened my laptop these thoughts came to mind and I wanted to share them with you. I hope at the very least it has opened a little space in your mind (or heart) to question yourself. 

Are you living YOUR life?

Let me know, I always love to hear your thoughts.