1 month-6 countries-$100 A DAY!

You read it right! 

We traveled from:

Los Angeles, USA - Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen - Brussels, Belgium

Brussels - Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki - Prage, Czech Republic

Prague - Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona - New York City, USA

NYC - Los Angeles

 including flights, trains, buses, metros, food, Airbnbs/igloos, wine, beer, admission fees, getting lost, more beer, and everything in between for 100 a day per person!

Now, some may say, hey Vane! That's still a lot of money Boo! Yes, I'd agree, if I were in perhaps Thailand. But to travel during the Christmas & New Years Season, and to some very touristy places (Santa Claus town on Christmas Day), in western Europe and Scandinavia, well I don't think it's all that bad... Leave me a comment on what you think down below!

If you agree with me, that this was a deal, then keep reading! If you don't agree with me, keep reading anyways! 

Whenever I travel I always have a goal of what I'd like to spend, per day, in mind. Sometimes I spend less, and sometimes, I have to spend more. This trip had A LOT of surprises (my beloved and I are now engaged!) so that made my budget go boom boom boom (Supernova girl, anybody? Disney channel circa 1999). Of course, it was all worth it! If you'd like a detailed breakdown of every city, just email me. For now I'll leave you with the average cost of each city to prove that travel does not have to be expensive!

Denmark - 8 nights

 Going back in time

Going back in time

Accomodation- free thanks to a traveling friend I met in Thailand :) 

Food- $10-15 at a restaurant, $6-10 fast food shops/ 7-11

Drinks- avg $5 beers

Transportation- It was cheaper to buy a tourist card actually! It included entrance fees to many of the castles, museums, and other attractions, as well as unlimited transportation throughout Denmark. Ours was for 4 days and cost $125 per person. We were in Denmark for 10 days

Belgium - 4 nights

 To be bad, or to be bad?

To be bad, or to be bad?

Accomodation- Airbnb split between 4 people $87

Food- $10-15 at a restaurant, $6-10 fast food shops/$4-8 street food/fries!

Drinks- avg $4 wine/ $5 beer

Transportation- We walked EVERYWHERE! Our Airbnb was in the center of Grand Place- an extremely central location. We took the metro only to the Atomium and back.

Finland - 7 nights

 Snow, snow, everywhere!

Snow, snow, everywhere!

Accomodation- pricey...massive price gauging because of the dates (12/23-12/26). The first night we spent on a train (included in Transpo cost). The next night was in an igloo which cost a whopping $927 for one night, split by 4= $238.5. Then we went to an Airbnb, split between 4 people =$ 168.75. And our last Airbnb split between 2 people (this was after our friends left)

Food- $15-20 at a restaurant, $10-15 fast food shops, eating out was very expensive here. We did groceries and saved a lot of money this way.

Drinks- avg $2-3 beers

Transportation-We purchased a Eurail pass to travel from the south of the country, Helsinki, to the far north, Saariselkä. In advance this cost 800$ total for 4 people and 3 days of unlimited travel; $200 per person. We took 2-3 bus/metro rides in Helsinki $3-4 each, but mainly walked in the capitol (Helsinki), Rovaniemi, and Saariselkä.

Czech Republic - 5 nights

Accomodation- Airbnb, per person $286

 Walking in Kutna Hora

Walking in Kutna Hora

Food- $10-15 at a restaurant, $6-10 fast food shops/ 7-11

Drinks- avg $3 beers

Transportation- Again, walk walk walk! Prague is also designed to access everything quite easily. We took only 1 train to the town of Kutna Hora, which is 1 hour away, to the Sedlec Ossuary, also known as the Bone Church. This ticket cost $10.

Spain - 4 nights

 Parc Guell

Parc Guell

Accomodation- Airbnb split by 2 people= $91.5

Food- $10-15 at a restaurant, $6-10 fast food shops/ 7-11

Drinks- avg $3-4 wine/ $3-5 beers

Transportation- Your average metro ride is about $3 USD; but if you've noticed, we LOVE to walk. We rode the metro about 4 times, including to and from the airport.

And there you have it! Of course buying beers and bottles of wine was and always will be cheaper at a grocery store/market, but it's all about balance! We saved a lot by eating breakfast in and lunch or dinner on the go, then alternating with eating out either one. 

When we arrived to NYC it was for a family visit and we stayed in and regrouped for a week. We also had the pleasure of staying with a dear friend! When we went into the city it cost $6-10 with the Jitney bus and metro. The Jitney bus picks you up in New Jersey and drops you at Port Authority for only $3! All of our meals were home made.

 Little baby Mofongo =)

Little baby Mofongo =)

If you have an idea for a trip in mind, let me know! It would be my pleasure to help you plan it, but more importantly, to save you money!